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Myth, Meaning and Facts

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About the podcast
Free podcast with a Danish approach to
  • education,
  • iPad
  • and myth, meaning and facts in stories from the Bible.
Hosted by author Peter Arklint.
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Picture Feb 2 2014
What did Danish gurus in education say on iPad?
The Danish school system has been influenced by Grundtvigs thoughts on "learning for life, not for exams" - and Kolds thoughts "first you enliven, then you teach".

Living 100 years ago they did not say anything about iPad - but then... Listen to Grundtvig’s words:
Dead are all letters though written by angel fingers and starry pen and dead is all knowledge if not corresponding to a similar life within the reader

Looking on an interactiv book for Ipad it is so overwhelming that you might think that the letters are written by angel fingers and starry pen. Yet according to Grundtvig the letters are dead. You need more than fancy technology to make knowledge fuse with the inner life of the reader.

In a speech addressed to Grundtvig Christen Kold emphasized “…first you enliven, then you teach.”
An I-book has no effect unless it provides life and joy.
How do you enliven in order to teach?

Learning takes places in the interaction between identity, insight and collaboration.

Picture Nov 21 2013
This episode describes Quiz-Quiz-Trade.
If the pupils can read, you can use this method when you have read all the stories in “Stories from the Bible 2” from iBooks.

Preparation: Each pupil is given a card with a question.
There is a different question on each card.

Follow theese steps:

  1. The pupils get up and walk around and find a partner from another team.
  2. Partner A asks his or her question.
  3. Partner B answers.
  4. Partner A helps or praises Partner B.
  5. The partners switch roles: Partner B asks and Partner A answers.
  6. The partners switch cards.
  7. The partners say goodbye, find a new partner and start again from step 2.
Are you familiar with Cooperative Learning? This is a CL structure.

You should print cards with the questions. They are available in PDF on download material.

Picture Oct 04 2013
Family tree of Abraham
The episode describes the benefits of combining a book on the iPad with a poster on the wall.
The poster with the family tree of Abraham is available for free download:
Go to download material and select "B1 Abraham Family tree".
Sep 01 2013
Stories from the Bible 1 - a Danish Approach: Myth, Meaning and Facts from Abraham to David
The Episode is a trailer for a book for iPad.

The book is available on iBooks

Sep 01 2013
Teach Religion with iPad - a Danish approach
In Denmark, we teach the children about religion. We teach - but do not preach.
It’s very important to secure a minimum level of understanding of the relations between myth, meaning and facts - and the kids love the old tales.
You achieve amazing results when you combine iPad and the 4 keys to learning: The Teacher or master, Your fellow students, Your ideas and your experience.
Picture Aug 26 2013
From Adam and Eve to the tower of Babel
The Episode is a trailer for a book for iPad.

The book is available on iBooks