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The famous danish approach to technology, cooking, brewing, filmmaking and design is based on independent thinking, interpersonal skills, self-esteem - and above all the desire to learn. All training should enhance these characteristics.
I have a danish approach to myth, meaning and facts and I publish my books on iBooks.
The series about “Stories from the Bible” includes 4 books with myths, facts, exercises and teachers guidance on meaning.

My years of experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of training, quality, IT systems and strategy has given me a deep-rooted conviction that the Danish research in transformative learning is right: Children and young people must learn to think for themselves, they must be able to cooperate - and they must have self confidence.

And most important: You need to maintain and develop your desire and ability to learn new things.

When it comes to “Stories from the Bible” it’s obvious that the stories are great - they have been told over and over for thousands of years. But it’s not so obvious what the meaning is. If children and young people are told that the stories are historical facts, they are betrayed. The stories are myth, not facts. To figure this out, requires an understanding of how and when the stories have been created. And this insight can be achieved with a Danish approach to myth, meaning and facts.

CL - Cooperative Learning - is the best I have experienced in terms of educational development in the last 30 years.
It works for anyone who wants to learn - both adults and children.

My materials for CL and "Stories from the Bible" book 1, 2, 3 and 4 are available for Download - find them under "Myths from the Bible" - the wast materials includes the books in PDF in a new version.